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Call for papers

Call for Papers: We particularly welcome any papers which deal with the work of John Humbley or adress one of the following topics:

  • the contemporary legacy of Eugen Wüster
  • the contribution of corpus linguistics to the development of terminology
  • the contribution of phraseology to terminology studies
  • terminology and specialised translation
  • teaching specialised translation
  • terminology and technical writing
  • the role of neology in languages for specific purposes
  • terminological variation
  • borrowing, metaphor and other key processes in the dynamics of terminology
  • terminological ressources
  • terminology planning
  • the place of terminology studies in France, Europe and beyond

Abstracts should be 500 words maximum, plus a short indicative bibliography. Abstracts should contain a statement of the aim of the contribution, and should make clear how the paper relates to John Humbley’s work. Abstracts will be submitted via easychair.

Submit a proposal : access to easychair